The ZAAP Gallery features Kathy Jenkins in June.

The ZAAP Gallery features the art of Kathy Jenkins in June. Her show of twenty ink drawings depicts existing gardens in Zanesville and surrounding areas. The drawings are created for Art in the Garden, one of the Zanesville Museum of Art’s annual fundraiser events planned by the Beaux Arts Club. A gala evening of dinner and auctions followed by a tour day to local gardens take place. The ink pictures Kathy draws are entered into a booklet of event information which includes maps to the featured gardens. Kathy visits the gardens ahead of the event to meet and speak to the owners and plan how to draw the pictures. Most participating gardens are privately owned and some are public garden sites.

Kathy belongs to local art organizations and creates art mostly at her studio. She creates with multi mediums including acrylics, watercolors, oils, ink, and mixed mediums and especially enjoys drawing or painting landscapes. Kathleen Jenkins’ Art Studio and Gallery is at her home located in the Philo area.

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